The Photoblog of Jay Williams

In any creative endeavor, it’s useful to put limits on yourself, and in this day and age those limits are often purely arbitrary.

If you haven’t noticed in the previous photos, I placed two creative constraints on myself:

  1. Use my wide angle lens (Canon EF 17-40mm)
  2. Shoot B&W JPEG in-camera (red filter applied)

This opened up number of opportunities, first off it freed me to just get out and take photos, just for the fun of it, without my head getting caught up in post-processing.

Shooting in B&W JPEG mode gave me a more “film-like” experience, as the photo you got, was it, take it or leave it. If you didn’t like it, adjust your camera settings.

I also had the camera apply a B&W red filter and increase the contrast at capture time, this gave each of the images a more striking, high-contrast look, without any need for post-processing.