The Photoblog of Jay Williams

Last year, our family went on a road trip across the country to Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park. It turned out to be the most difficult road trip we’ve taken, primarily because all of the children got sick! And as you can imagine, that took the adventure to a whole new level.

Since getting back, buying a house, packing, moving, getting settled in, preparing for a new baby, etc, we really haven’t shared any photos from the trip online.

And even though the trip was difficult, we still saw some absolutely amazing things!

For instance, in this photo, Aliyah is climbing around on the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, 12,000 ft above sea level, and not only did she get to see a marmot out in the wild, but she was able to see it’s nest up there as well—amazing! The view from that altitude was absolutely breathtaking, both figuratively and literally!

Though you’re young
Don’t be afraid
To keep on climbing
Day by day
Life’s got valleys
But it’s got mountains too
The key is to trust Him
No matter the view
Joy Williams