Reverse Gravity

How would the world look if gravity was reversed? Quite differently i’m sure.


Colors and Contrast

The contrast between the red mulch and the green grass can be easily seen in this photo. The narrow depth of field is helpfull in blurring out unwanted details.


Foggy Oaks

Due to large fires in Georgia, the air was quite hazy. But I used this to my advantage in this photo. The haze adds a surreal atmosphere that would have been impossible to achieve otherwise.


Pool for Sale

Along the same brick road as the previous photo, I saw this for sale sign, and to my amazement, the “pool” lettering was upside down. I couldn’t let that opportunity pass by.


End of the Road

Those of you who have seen my photoblog, A Different View, know that I love signs and textures. And this photo contains both traits. So it’s a fitting photo to end the collection thus far.

Photo of Jay Williams

About the Project

Some time ago, I decided to lay my head completely back and look upside down while on a swing. I was amazed how differently everything looked, when I simply looked at the world upside down. Soon after, I decided to create a small photography project based on that idea.

Every photo on this site was not simply rotated during post processing, but was taken upside down with this site in mind. And to properly frame each upside down photo, I had to physically turn my head upside down, or as close as humanly possible. Which, as you can imagine, caused a few passers by to wonder what in the world I was doing. But at the end of the day, when I came home to view the photos, I was happy to see that my effort was not in vain.

If you like the photos, or have some of your own photos that you've taken upside down, I'd love to see them. Why not send me a quick e-mail?

A Different View